Oh Snap! Todd Biss Photo Shoot

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One of the greatest things about working in the graphic design field is having the opportunity to collaborate with fellow creative minds. It is easier today in the digital era to communicate, exchange ideas and inspire people more than ever before. Two areas that especially have a lot to gain from joining forces are photography [...]

It’s a teaching hospital thing…

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When someone new joins the team here at Array, I give them the "teaching hospital" speech. Well it's more of a philosophy than a speech, and a simple one at that: We need to continue to grow and find ways to teach others what we know. Admittedly, I get a chuckle from the team every [...]

Array Day at the Greek Fest!

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What’s not to love about a plate full of authentic gyros, souvlaki and baklava? Last week, the Array team visited the 56th annual Greek Festival at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on Union Street in Akron. Originally in search of the famous Greek pastries, we were in awe of the tables upon tables filled with tasty [...]

Direct Marketing: A Better Response

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I recently had the opportunity to visit one of Northeast Ohio’s largest companies – Hendrickson, a global leader in the market of heavy-duty suspensions. I presented the importance of developing a clearly defined direct marketing campaign for both new and existing products and lines of service to a group of executives and marketers. Mark Slingluff [...]

Digging for Fire – Akron Advertising Federation

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As creative professionals, we are always looking for inspiration and trending topics. At Array, we look everywhere for motivation by getting out of the office and expanding our daily routines to get the juices flowing. Whether it be researching online or in store, reading literature or by attending engagements, we foster creative thinking by doing. [...]

Team Bio – Pat

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A true Akron native, Pat has an extensive career as an executive and consultant. His impressive background in management and strategy consulting spans over 15 years, including CRM, finance, accounting, marketing and development experience. Many of his skills have helped take Array to the next level operationally. As well as being an active member of [...]