Industry Insider: Keyboard Shortcuts

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A computer is a powerful thing. When you think about the power of the machine, do you think about the power of the keyboard? The keyboard is your way to interact with people, create powerful words and learn anything you want to know. When it comes to designing, how can the keyboard help out? This [...]

Going, Going, GONE! Brand Edition

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Like many things, products and companies come and go. Some of our most beloved things have made their way off of a shelf and out of our thoughts. No longer will these products be coming to a home near you. Do you think your brand is on its way to extinction? According to 24/7 Wall [...]

Internal Thoughts

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Extremely "Content" Month three has come to a close and I’m wondering where this semester has gone?! Being with Array has been awesome. I have become so much more confident in my writing with more attention to detail. When I first started in January, I thought, “will I only write blogs?” But as I continued working for the [...]