Array Creative is a design studio specializing in brand strategy and retail communication. What sets Array apart from other agencies is our experience in real world brand development and our creative process that drives towards meaningful solutions.


We’re real people with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. We value hard-work and are dedicated to generating quality, creative solutions. Oh, and we also bring our dogs to work and rock out to old school rap on Fridays. Get to know Array!

Eric Rich


Over 20+ years of brand strategy and consumer marketing experience for world-class products companies. Eric believes that “the brand” is a living organism comprised of all consumer touch-points and that web is an essential tool for the brand success. He needs more sleep.

Ian Marin

managing partner

Possesses “Superman-like” abilities to manage large complex projects. Ian is the creative team leader, motivator and wrangler of design folk. Mortals would fold under the pressure, but Ian always finds a way to get it done. When not saving the design world, he is an overprotective father of seven eight nine.

Cathy Snarski

director of marketing & design

Cathy steps into many roles at Array – including Grammar Police, Trend Reporter and Mommy of Two! With a background in both design and communications, Cathy has the unique ability to blend analytics and creative together for amazing results. And in true mom fashion, she always has snacks in her purse.

Shawn Magee

senior art director

Shawn is a talented creative professional who drives a pickup and enjoys good honey whiskey while playing Texas Hold‘em. Shawn doesn’t mess around and can turn a mediocre design into an award winning one. This almost makes up for the fact that he is a Steelers fan.

Tara Shank

senior art director

A tried-and-true Clevelander, Tara is a talented creative mind that enjoys a good microbrew and her corgi. Tara is one of the nicest persons you will ever meet, but if you mess with good design, ‘T-Rex’ may tear into your prehistoric style.

Kim Rospotynski

art director

Photoshop ninja and yoga enthusiast, Kim is an energetic addition to the Array team. If she isn’t making pierogies or pushing new ethnic foods, Kim enjoys a good creative challenge.

Nicole Peters

Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist

Nicole is a writer, a designer AND an illustrator — we call that finding a unicorn! She enjoys cycling (a cool new version of spin) and has a love for cute coffee shops, equally fueling her creative talent and project energy.


Seth Ranzinger

Graphic Designer

A lover of plants, epic road trips, and good coffee, Seth enjoys all aspects of design. Always up for a challenge, Seth treats every project like a puzzle that needs to be solved. And if you’re lucky, he may even share some of his legendary Pork Poblanos Tacos with you!

Sarah Parsons

Graphic Designer

Mother of two (adorable) Miniature Aussies, Sarah is a graphic designer from New Braunfels, Texas. She brings a love of typography, branding, and country music to the team. And you can usually find Sarah working with a home-brewed cappuccino in hand.


office pup

Riley is a loyal Brittany Spaniel, loyal to anyone with food. She is also loyal to her proud owner, Eric. As they say, every dog has its day. And our office couldn’t be any closer to Thirsty Dog Brewery!