Elevate LNC | Advertising

Lake Norman Charter (LNC) is a privately-funded public charter school in Huntersville, North Carolina. LNC shapes the lives of students through exceptional academics, outstanding athletics, and commitment to social responsibility. In efforts toward continued growth, LNC reached out to Array Creative for guidance on their capital campaign to gain support from their community.

The Elevate LNC campaign was developed to solidify Lake Norman Charter’s mission to update their recreational facilities and middle school to align with the school’s academic excellence. At its core, Elevate LNC emphasizes providing a well-rounded experience for all students, both in and out of the classroom. Array donated their services, assisting in the execution of LNC’s campaign, from name development to creative execution. 

The initial process began by developing cohesive campaign materials that student families would receive, including: donation card, incentive sheets, staff lanyards and car magnet all enclosed in a coordinating folder. Through the use of bold colors and impactful messaging, Array was able to unify the Elevate LNC campaign. The messaging aimed to inform the school community how the campaign would work and where donations were to be allocated. With easy-to-understand infographics, Array helped communicate vital LNC stats and contribution benchmarks. 

Array Creative is proud to partner with Lake Norman Charter in efforts to increase the level of financial commitment from their community. Array continues to support LNC with social media strategies for the Elevate LNC campaign and also plans to design a recognition wall to honor campaign donors. 

Lake Norman Charter - Reusable Bag