Flat Cat | Advertising

FLAT CAT, a Winston Products brand, is a high-performance putter grip that provides superior confidence on the greens for a winning edge over the competition. FLAT CAT grips will improve your control and accuracy, guaranteed.

Array created a brochure to better advertise the full line of FLAT CAT putter grips. Created for the PGA Merchandise Show, each page emphasizes the angle accuracy the square face provides to help golfers sink more putts. Whether you’re looking for a tak grip or a pistol style, the brochure highlights the unique benefits of each FLAT CAT grip.

The FLAT CAT branded green gives the piece a dynamic look, echoing the grips’ superior performance. Using energetic, clean messaging and graphics, the brochure educates golfers about FLAT CAT’s innovative design and advertises the breadth of the brand in a bold, engaging way.

FlatCat Golf - Package Design Demo

“Our package designs developed by Array have not only won several design awards, but, more importantly, have had a measurable impact on the rate of sales of our products.”

Douglas E. Whitner, Executive Vice President—Winston Products, LLC