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FLAT CAT, a Winston Products brand, is a high-performance putter grip that provides superior confidence on the greens for a winning edge over the competition. FLAT CAT grips will improve your control and accuracy, guaranteed.

Array Creative helped Winston Products develop a branded launch kit to promote the new FLAT CAT putter grip. The kit was sent to golf shop and retail buyers to educate them on the benefits of the new grip. The kit contained all four grip sizes: slim, standard, fat and big boy.

Designed to have a clean, high-end look, the kit emphasized the flat side of the grip which helps you feel the squareness of your putter head in the palm of your hands. The grips were placed in a tray enclosed by a decorative, yet protective, sleeve to attract the recipient.

🏆 Addy Award Winner

FlatCat Golf - Package Design Demo

“Our package designs developed by Array have not only won several design awards, but, more importantly, have had a measurable impact on the rate of sales of our products.”

Douglas E. Whitner, Executive Vice President—Winston Products, LLC