Spectrum | Digital Campaign

Spectrum Diversified is a leading designer and manufacturer in the housewares industry that creates unique products to meet consumer needs. Spectrum’s Tovolo brand is known for its whimsy and playful spirit in creating functional tools for the kitchen and bar. With a desire to create awareness for the upcoming holiday season, Spectrum approached Array to develop a digital campaign for their Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds.

Array wanted to create a theme for anyone looking to enjoy an iced beverage. Whether it’s for an after work spirit or a gift for the holidays, Tovolo’s Sphere Ice is the perfect combination of form, function and fun to personalize any drink! It’s: “The Ice Your Drink Celebrates.” 

In collaboration with TRG Multimedia, imagery imagery tailored to the campaign was captured. Keeping with the theme of celebration, the images feature the sphere ice in scenes depicting happy hour and crafted cocktails, with the ice mold in view. The photos highlight the usefulness and appeal of sphere ice for a variety of drinks and occasions. 

Together with the tagline, the imagery and content were optimized for use in the digital campaign. The Array and Spectrum teams created ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google, directing consumers to purchase on Spectrum’s website and Amazon. The look and messaging across all channels remained consistent, producing one cohesive campaign for the Tovolo Sphere Ice Mold product. 

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