Beckett Thermal | Branding

A global pioneer of combustion technologies, Beckett Thermal Solutions delivers first to market advantages for a diverse mix of products and industries, including the residential and commercial heating appliance industry. With the acquisition of companies in the UK and Italy in 2016, Beckett Thermal Solutions successfully serves customers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Array recently repositioned the Beckett Gas brand. With best in class products and an admirable culture deeply rooted in respect for others and a sense of community, something was missing. We needed to identify their reason for being. And in the end, the answer had been in front of them the entire time. 

Our objective with Beckett was to reposition the brand with purpose and to establish a new path forward. Through the Array Creative process, we were able to focus on what really mattered to Beckett audiences and discover what truly differentiated their brand. 

We first identified the need for a name change that was to represent a shift from manufacturer of gas components to a solutions provider for warmth and comfort. The new name, Beckett Thermal Solutions, captures the essence of their unique commitment to problem solve for clients. The new name also provided an opportunity to consolidate divisional brands in the Beckett portfolio under a single “umbrella” corporate brand. The change represents a new era for Beckett, which their new slogan reflects: Engineering solutions for a better tomorrow.

The updated logo pays homage to the original gas flame by using the same silhouette. However, the flame was segmented into three themerals that represent the three pillars of the culture — excellence, integrity and profound respect for the individual. With the addition of a third brand color, green made the mark more modern and also represented Beckett’s goal of striving towards better, cleaner fuel solutions.

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