Synchra Solutions | Case Study

The Competition

Array hosted an Ugly Logo Contest with the hopes of rescuing a brand from a terrible logo. A digital campaign, entrants were able to submit their logos for a chance to win a brand package — consisting of a logo redesign and an identity suite. Kite and Company, a small female-owned human resources consulting startup, was awarded the win.

Our Approach

After taking the winner through the Array process, it was discovered that Kite and Company was unavailable, as another group already had rights to the business name. Array added onto the awards package and assisted the group with naming.

After a few rounds of brainstorming and trademark searching, the name SyncHRa Solutions was created, conveying the concept of inside and outside teams seamlessly working together in synchrony.

The Creative Solution

With a name in place, Array went to work developing a logo. Inspired by the individuality of a fingerprint, Array created a unique s-shaped icon representing a ‘hands-on’ approach. The mark also features a trendy bright green and navy color scheme for  a forward-thinking, professional feel.

Reflecting the firm’s values of integrity, trust, and teamwork— the tagline was formed “People are complicated, HR doesn’t have to be”. Array then worked to create an identity suite consisting of branded letterheads, business cards, and materials.

Thanks to Array’s assistance, SyncHRa Solutions now has the tools to showcase the expertise they offer and stand out from the competition.

Libbey Diet Coke - Product Packaging Demo

“The team has a “well-oiled” proven process that kept us focused and on task to the vision.”

Stephanie Capron, Co-Founder