Xterity 3.0 | Branding

Xterity 3.0, part of Interloop North America, is a performance activewear brand designed to keep you cool and comfortable for your most intense workouts.

The Xterity 3.0 logo was developed with a bold font and a gender neutral color scheme to appeal to both men and women. The ‘x’ icon injects a sense of motion, to speak to everything that can be accomplished in the apparel.

The energetic brand story, as told through the logo, photography, packaging and digital presence, was established for the new activewear line to create a foundation for Xterity 3.0 as the product line evolves over time.

Blu-Mole Extreme Full Branding Service - Logo

“Array has a beautiful aesthetic that always feels relevant and aspirational—their work is first class!

Heather Wilson — Director of Marketing — Interloop North America