Valspar | Merchandising

Valspar is a global leader in the coatings industry, offering a broad range of stains, sprays and varnishes in the paints category. With a reputation for superior performance, Valspar was an exciting brand for Array to partner with on a number of projects for their line of consumer products.

The objective was to create a point-of-purchase communication concept for a new ‘Twist & Spray’ product launch at Lowes. The creative concept communicates Valspar’s considerable competitive advantages — even delivery, with smooth professional results. In preparation for a Lowes line review, the concept was mocked-up and installed at the Valspar show room in Mooresville, NC.

Valspar Store Display

“Honestly, I believe there isn’t a challenge that Array can’t solve.”

Holly Whitfield – Marketing Manager - Valspar Paint