Island Delights Candies | Packaging

Island Delights Candies is a family-owned company founded in Seville, Ohio. Although they have a range of candies, Island Delights specializes in coconut flavor which is embedded in their rich heritage. Island Delights takes pride in their nostalgic candy, and with the help of Array, they were able to incorporate that old-fashioned feel into their coconut candy packaging. 

Array redesigned both the Island Delights Candies logo and the Haystacks brand packaging to fit with their business and family values. Using classic fonts and giving the design a weathered feel, afforded the packaging a vintage look. Each flavor from the Haystacks product line has its own corresponding color and illustration to showcase each distinct flavor. 

The Haystacks collection is just one of several Island Delights Candies packaging that Array has redesigned. Array partners with Island Delights Candies to create cohesive packaging that extends to all of their product lines, overall enhancing their brand identity. 

🏆 GDUSA Award Winner

Island Delights Haystack Bag Packaging

Their creativity and understanding of the consumer is on display with every design asset they develop. The Array team consistently meets all deliverables while maintaining the high level of quality that we have come to expect and with which we have been spoiled.
James Murray, Executive Vice President - Island Delights, Inc.