Roto-Rooter | Packaging

With over 75 years of professional plumbing heritage, Roto-Rooter high-performance drain care products are guaranteed and proven safe to destroy the toughest clogs fast. The oneCARE company was looking to refresh the Roto-Rooter logo for their line of DIY plumbing products. Array was tasked with developing a creative solution that didn’t detract from the established professional feel.

The goal was to reposition the Roto-Rooter while maintaining brand equity. The end result is a brand statement that is modern, vibrant and energized. Array created a consistent look across all deliverables including the packaging, retail merchandising, sales materials and brand guidelines.

Ultimately, consumer testing was completed, ensuring Array had all the information needed to present a finely-tuned messaging strategy.

Roto-Rooter Product Images

Array is very familiar with typical new product development milestone processes and can integrate and provide tremendous creative for not only new products but can also provide fresh perspective for existing brands.

Tim Young – Chief Marketing Officer - oneCARE