Sunex Tools | Packaging

Sunex Tools, built on a reputation of high-quality impact sockets, provides solutions for professionals seeking the best performance and value. For over forty years, they’ve expanded their product lines to serve the automotive, industrial and commercial segments. The long-term client reached out to Array for assistance on a packaging redesign across the brand for all product lines. Inspired by the Sunex Tools motto, Array went to work creating a look guaranteed to perform.

While the previous design focused on the retailer, Sunex wanted the new packaging to appeal directly to consumers, with the majority of placement through ecommerce websites and Amazon. The objective of this new strategy was to modernize the design while drawing consumers’ attention directly to the product.

Showing a simplified brand statement and a mix of modern elements, the redesign keeps the previous red brand color intact while incorporating a complimentary dark grey field of color into the new scheme. A stripe on the bottom of the layout features a slanted ‘razors edge’ —  mirroring an element in the product design. For an added touch, all packaging is intended to be printed with a matte finish to convey a more premium appearance for the brand.

Hidden Peak Packaging Images

“Array Creative is always our first choice when our team gets stuck creatively.”

Don Meredith — Vice President of Marketing — SUNEX Tools