Wiggletoes | Packaging

Wiggletoes, part of Interloop North America, offers unique infant, toddler and kids’ apparel inspiring big adventures for little ones. The Wiggletoes logo is a fun, whimsical mark designed to represent an imaginative brand. Handwritten, with bright pops of purple and green, the illustrated font and ‘wiggly’ toes give it playful character. The outlined illustrations on packaging encourage creativity and can even be colored in! Secondary colors create a system to delineate sizing, and the sweet tagline, ‘Outfitting Tiny Humans,’ welcomes everyone into the inspiring world of Wiggletoes.

🏆 GDUSA | Addy Award Winner

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“Array has a beautiful aesthetic that always feels relevant and aspirational. They provide multiple concept options – each with its own greatness – making it difficult to choose just one. We frequently get compliments from customers on our logos, packaging, and other work created by Array– their work is first-class.”

Heather Wilson, Director of Marketing—Interloop North America