Unless you actually live under a rock, everyone knows that this has been quite the exciting weekend for Northeast Ohio, and no, not just because it was Father’s Day. The Cavaliers finally broke the streak of disappointment for Cleveland sports fans by bringing the city its first major sports championship in 52 years by winning the 2016 NBA finals. With that being said, for my first Advertisement of the Month blog post, I only saw it fitting that we featured one celebrating the Cleveland Cavaliers’ recent win. If you haven’t seen Nike’s tribute commercial to the Cavaliers yet, feel free to watch below:


Following directly after the nail-biting finals game this past Sunday, Nike released the heartfelt tribute for the fans in Cleveland and all over the world titled ‘Worth the Wait.’ The commercial features shots of Cleveland fans of all ages and backgrounds completely overwhelmed while watching the Cavaliers finally win the championship, while there is a sportscaster voiceover playing at the same time. The end of the commercial features Nike’s infamous “Just do it” tagline accompanied by the sound of a cheering crowd.

I by no means consider myself a die-hard sports fan, but there’s something about Cleveland and its fans unwavering support and loyalty for its usually disappointing sports teams thats incomparable to anything I’ve felt before. This tribute has a way of capturing that feeling so well. Being from Northeast Ohio may make my feelings toward this commercial a little biased, but Cleveland fan or not, this tribute makes you feel some kind of way. And if not, you need to ask yourself if you’re even human.. Just kidding.. Kind of 😉

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the tribute, on the win, on your currently favorite advertisement, or whatever else you can think of!

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P.S. The dads here at Array got their Father’s Day wishes granted with the Cavs win. We hope the rest of you did as well! #AllIn #Believeland 


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