In case you haven’t noticed, we have been boosting our social media presence here at Array. Since joining Facebook mid summer in 2013 (we know, a little late in the game!!), we’ve also started a LinkedIn page, Instagram account and a weekly blog — evidenced by the fact that you’re currently reading this!

But despite what you may think, it’s not just about sharing a fun photo or posting the details of what you ate for dinner or the intense workout you just completed. When done correctly, social media can actually be a highly successful marketing tool.

First, a little history lesson. Within the past eight years alone, social media has encountered massive growth to the tune of 800% increased usage by adults. In turn, traditional mass media (including print and tv) has been facing significant decline in viewer and readership, presenting an enormous opportunity for marketers to reach out to and make an impact on new media.

Consumers’ behavior is highly evolved and more plugged in then ever. So in order to get your message out, you need to meet your target where they’re likely to be found – on the web. Whether you’re looking for the attention of a health-conscious mom or a trendy weekend golfer, by knowing their surfing habits you can better formulate a plan to reach them by posting to their preferred media channel.

Array’s social media plan is simple: we want you to get to know us. From a business perspective, we’ll share industry insights on trend reporting or detail how creating a system of checklists keeps our accuracy high. On a more personal level, we share photos of team outings and stories about our family lives. We’re relatable. We’re passionate. We’re the right agency for your brand.

So if you haven’t yet, follow us, like us, share us – I think I’ve covered all bases – we have a lot more to say!


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