• Client:
    AXYZ International
  • Brand:
    AXYZ Automation Group
  • Product:
    CNC Cutting Systems
  • Market:
  • Services:
    Competitive Analysis, Brand Strategy, Corporate Renaming, Logo Design, Website Design, Social Media Content Creation, Exterior Landmark Signage, Product Alignment Strategy

AXYZ International | A Global Industrial Brand In Need of Repositioning For Growth, Acquisitions and Market Leadership

AXYZ expanded capabilities through acquisition and needed strategy to consolidate brands and products under a single corporate umbrella.


AXYZ, is a leading global manufacturer of automated CNC router and waterjet cutting systems. Focused on tailored cutting solutions, every AXYZ machine is designed to maximize the client’s productivity.

Cutting Edge Solutions Provider Seeking Global Brand and Product Strategy

CHALLENGE: With the acquisition of WardJet, AXYZ was poised to expand their product offerings and become a leader in the CNC cutting systems. However the branding was dated and featured a dated icon of a knife cutting system and was exclusionary of the newly acquired water cutting systems of WardJet. The new brand strategy needed to represent all CNC technologies and provide a global umbrella for products and services to flourish.


SOLUTION: The Array Creative Process discovered that automation was the future for AXYZ. Beyond the current CNC cutting system, but growth into all types of industrial automation. With this revelation, Array created the new corporate name AXYZ AUTOMATION GROUP.

With the new corporate name, Array built a brand identity featuring a bold design, sharp lines and updated color palette. The sharp lines represent cutting edge technology and precision accuracy that AXYZ systems deliver. To complete the mark, a new icon was created symbolizing the 3-point cutting axis.


In addition to AXYZ AUTOMATION GROUP brand development, Array provided a product roadmap strategy for realignment. The objective was to reduce product overlap confusion and leverage expanded capabilities between AXYZ and the WardJet business units.