• Client:
  • Foundation Wellness

  • Brand: 
  • PowerStep Pinnacle

  • Product: 
  • Orthopedic Insoles

  • Market:
  • Apparel + Sporting

  • Services: 
  • Competitive Analysis, Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Package Design, Merchandising Design, Product Design

Foundation Wellness | A Refresh of the Brand and Packaging was Good for the Sole

Providing foot pain relief for over 25 years, Foundation Wellness and their flagship PowerStep Pinnacle brand was in major need of rehabilitation.


Remington Products Company is a leading US manufacturer of aftermarket insoles, supplying both footwear and foot care products to numerous companies and leading brands. With a desire to benchmark against competitors, Remington partnered with Array to modernize their performance PowerStep® Pinnacle line of insoles.

Messaging Hierarchy and Icons System Took the Pain out of Shopping for Orthotics

CHALLENGE: Foundation Wellness, formerly Remington Products, designs and manufactures the industry’s best orthopedic insoles to relieve foot pain. Over time their leading PowerStep Pinnacle brand and packaging had lost its mojo. It was Array’s task to refresh everything from the brand to the packaging and even the product design.


SOLUTION: No one thinks about orthotic insoles until they need to, the Array Creative Process identified “pain points” in the purchase decision process and also pinpointed competitive weaknesses that would help to differentiate the PowerStep Pinnacle brand.


An icon system was developed for consumers to quickly differentiate between the arch support levels: low, neutral, and high. Each insole level has a bright coordinating color story, which also helps the product to stand out on the shelves. Pairing the PowerStep blue with a flood of black gave the packaging a high-end performance feel, and enhanced the bright product offering.


For the finishing touches, it was essential to refresh the PowerStep logo to match the modernized packaging redesign. A bolden design and simplified 2-color icon refreshed the brand without compromising the heritage of the 25 year old brand.