• Client:
    Shining Golden Yida
  • Brand:
  • Product:
    Powerwasher Accessories
  • Market:
    Tools & Hardware
  • Services: 
    Competitive Analysis, Brand Strategy, Package Design, Merchandising Design, Messaging, Social Media Content Creation

SurfaceMaxx | A Powerfully Cleaned-Up Brand Refresh

With a desire to better compete at shelf with mighty national brands, SurfaceMaxx was looking for a refreshed brand strategy to impress shoppers at Lowe’s retail.


Sold exclusively at Lowe’s, the focus at SurfaceMaxx is providing customers with quality pressure washer accessory products that are easy to use. Their industry knowledge is unmatched and their focus on empowering homeowners is what makes SurfaceMaxx the clear choice for the toughest cleaning project.

MAXXimizing Appeal

CHALLENGE: SurfaceMaxx pressure washer accessory products deliver professional results, but the retail packaging was less than desirable for shoppers and buyers alike in delivering a premium message. With nationwide placement with the #1 pressure washer retailer in the country, the SurfaceMaxx team needed a strategy to elevate their brand and trade dress.

SOLUTION: Array worked first to strengthen the SurfaceMaxx branding by creating thick borders, using a more aggressive font treatment, and updating the brand blue to a more bold hue. Taking cues from the new mark, the team carried the new brand statement to the packaging, ensuring the focus was on product features and ease-of-use benefits. With the new product set rolling into Lowe’s stores for the spring season, the SurfaceMaxx bay is surely making a splash, holding its own against other big players in the category.

The buyer can't stop talking about the dynamic logo and feature-rich packaging!