• Client:
  • Troyer Cheese

  • Brand:
  • Troyer

  • Product:
  • Deli Meats & Cheese, Snacks, Jarred Foods, Health & Beauty

  • Market:
  • Food & Beverage

  • Services:
  • Competitive Analysis, Corporate Renaming, Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Package Design, Merchandising Design, Website Design, Event Marketing, Social Media Content Creation, Product and Channel Strategy

Troyer Cheese | Telling The Story That Troyer Stands For More Than Cheese


GOOD FOOD, MADE RIGHT — a simple approach that needed a voice and new brand strategy for the Troyer.


Troyer has been making and delivering wholesome foods and home essentials since 1959. Guided by their heritage, Troyer is committed to high quality ingredients, time-honored recipes, exceptional customer service and good food made right.

Keeping With Tradition and Building A Brand Beyond Cheese

CHALLENGE: Troyer Cheese, located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, had outgrown their name and was seeking a new brand strategy to ensure growth and prosperity into the future. The risk was losing brand equity that had been earned since 1959. Troyer was truly in a “pickle”, but leadership trusted Array to reinvent the brand while maintaining their heritage.


SOLUTION: The Array Creative Process revealed that there was a need for sound research. Array built and executed surveys with distributor partners and customers to determine if the Troyer Cheese name had equity or if the audience was open to a change. The research revealed that distributor partners and customers alike approved of a name change. In fact, it made so much sense that they wondered why it had not been done sooner — Troyer was much more than just cheese to them.

Over 100 distributor partners and customers participated in research study that confirmed the acceptance of and need for a name change.

With the research insights, Array created a corporate umbrella brand strategy to house existing retail brands and also for future expansion into new product categories — TROYER BRANDS was born! It was important for the new brand identity to have a modern, appealing look for the food industry, yet, imperative to keep their Amish heritage intact. Array designed a bold logo featuring the Troyer family name with a woodcut style horse and buggy illustration. The new TROYER BRANDS logo has a timeless appearance. To compliment the new mark, a tagline representing Troyer’s commitment to the production of quality products was created — Good Food. Made Right.


The new brand strategy was leveraged across the 60th Anniversary Celebration, tractor trailers, business cards, apparel and even a 1950s era pick-up truck. Troyer had truly become much more than cheese.