• Client:
    Walnut Creek Foods
  • Brand:
    Walnut Creek Foods
  • Product:
    Deli meats and cheese, dairy, baked goods, and bulk food items
  • Market:
    Food & Beverage
  • Services: 
    Market & Competitive Analysis; Brand Audit & Positioning; Logo Redesign; Corporate Identity Package; Package Design; Launch Campaign & Creative; Brand Video, Environmental Branding; Brand Guidelines

Walnut Creek | A Beloved Brand in the Heart of Amish Country in Need of a Makeover That Remains Familiar

Walnut Creek Foods sought to refresh their brand to reach a broader audience without jeopardizing current equity.

Walnut Creek Foods and the retail market is an Amish Country favorite. With heritage dating back to the 1970’s, the Walnut Creek Foods brand represents quality homestyle foods that bring families together. Walnut Creek recently approached Array to refresh their “look” — the opportunity to work with such a beloved brand was an incredible opportunity.

Making Life Better

THE CHALLENGE: The Walnut Creek Foods brand is highly recognized and has earned a tremendous amount of equity among current customers and consumers. Walnut Creek was in need of brand repositioning and a new packaging strategy that appeals to a broader audience without alienating their base.

THE SOLUTION: Collaborating with senior leadership and key stakeholders, Array conducted a survey and held several roundtable meetings to gain a deep understanding of the Walnut Creek Foods brand. As part of the repositioning, Array crafted the slogan ‘Making Life Better’. It communicates their commitment to the community, their customers and the Walnut Creek family.

It allowed our team to flush through what we were looking for, while also helping to create buy-in from the stakeholder project group.