• Client:
    The Legacy Companies
  • Brand:
    West Bend
  • Product:
    Small kitchen appliances
  • Market:
    Available to all retailers
  • Target: 
    Female home cook seeking affordable solutions for food and beverage prep
  • Deliverables: 
    Market & Competitive Analysis, Brand Positioning, Logo Redesign, Package Design, Photography Direction, Social Templates, Launch Campaign and Brand Guidelines

West Bend | Helping home cooks for over 120 years, the West Bend brand lost its presence in the market and was in need of a complete overhaul.

THE OPPORTUNITY: West Bend sought to reposition their brand to reach a younger audience with a modern approach to small kitchen appliances. With heritage dating back to the 1911, the West Bend brand was your grandmother’s choice for help in the kitchen. West Bend approached Array to recreate the brand for the next generation — the opportunity to work with such a historic brand was an incredible opportunity.

Confidence in the Kitchen

THE CHALLENGE: Within the highly competitive small kitchen appliance category, West Bend brand had lost equity among consumers. West Bend was in need of new brand repositioning and a new packaging strategy that appeals to Busy Moms that are seeking to prepare fast and easy nutritious meals.


THE SOLUTION: Collaborating with senior leadership, Array conducted a survey and held several meetings to gain a deep understanding of the West Bend brand. As part of the repositioning, Array crafted the slogan ‘Life Get Messy, West Bend Is Here To Make It Easier’. It communicates their commitment to providing small appliances that anyone can use to make a delicious meal.

Life gets messy, West Bend is here to make it easier