Now that’s a Truck Gator of an idea!

If you know me, or my father for that matter, we are notorious for mixing up our words. Maybe it’s because we grew up outside of the U.S. (I was born in Belize) or maybe it’s because we actually enjoy the confused reaction we receive from people. Either way, I take full responsibility for the term “Truck Gator” that we lovingly use here at Array. I have my team to thank for surrounding my desk with tiny trucks and alligators and for reminding me almost every day of the origin of the term.

So what is a Truck Gator you ask? Truck Gator has become synonymous with a “Bad Idea,” and that bad idea was all mine a few years back!


It all stems from a brainstorming session in which the objective was to develop a name for a new product coming to market. The session was off to a quiet start, and I could sense hesitation from some new team members to offer up ideas. I took a look at the product, which looked like a cross between a truck bed liner and alligator scales, and excitedly proclaimed “Truck Gator”! Of course it got its fair share of looks and giggles, but I immediately felt the tone of the meeting change. I stated that I wanted the team to feel comfortable sharing ideas, even if the idea doesn’t seem as ground breaking as the one before. You see, I’ve been in those meetings where it felt all too serious, like a competition, or just too intimidating to share your ideas. I didn’t want this for my team. Right then and there, Truck Gator was born.

Since then, I’ve watched this small team accomplish amazing things. Mainly due to their immense talent, but I hope a little bit has to do with the sense they get from knowing the support they have from their leaders. With every new hire, I let it be known that even the smallest idea can lead to and generate the next great creative solution. Sure, your idea might get called a Truck Gator, but around here that’s a good thing.