When you think of Father’s Day, who or what comes to mind? Father’s Day is so much more than a designated day of the year to celebrate the fatherly figures in our lives, it’s a time to show those men our appreciation for all they do, even if it is often overlooked or forgotten. As I grow older, holidays like this become more and more sentimental and meaningful, especially since my, and many other people’s parents, are thousands of miles away. With that being said, I always become frantic in the weeks before Father’s Day trying to come up with the perfect gift.

If any of your dads, husbands, brothers, friends, or so on, are anything like mine, you must have the same thoughts going through your minds as I do. What the heck do you get/do for a man that deserves everything… with a small college budget or without being close enough to celebrate in person? Since I know that I am not alone in this conquest, I took the initiative to ask the rest of the team here at Array Creative a few questions about Father’s Day, and what they plan on doing for all the important dads in their lives.

What do you plan on doing for Father’s Day?

Shawn: “My Father’s Day plans involve me driving back from a weekend trip to Iowa (NASCAR race). I plan on spending time with the kids when I return Sunday night.”
Shawn from Array Creative's family, Dad and Step Mother.

Cathy: “Well, like every weekend for the past month, we could potentially have a baby on Father’s Day! Which is a pretty awesome gift for my husband Shaun – having his first son. I want to get a onesie for the baby that says ‘I am your Father’s Day gift, you’re welcome.’”
Cathy from Array Creative's fFather's Day plan collage

Ian: “We plan to spend time with my wife’s family in Ohio. We also have plans to celebrate the birthday of my oldest son who was born 10 years ago on Father’s Day! ”
Ian from Array Creative, his Father and his Son

Eric: “It will be the first Father’s Day without the family. They are home in the Carolinas and I’ll be camping with Riley Puppy in Ohio.”
Eric from Array Creative's Father's Day plans collage

Dawn: “We celebrated Father’s Day a bit early on our recent vacation to Lake Chautauqua. My husband Stefan got lots of dad time with the kiddos, with some boating and ice cream thrown in too!”
Dawn from Arrya Creative's Father's Day Collage

Donny: “I will be hanging out with Donald George II on Sunday. I’m not sure what we’ll be up to, but it will probably involve eating, listening to cicadas and possibly golfing.”
Donny from Array Creative and his dad at the Grand Canyon

Kim: “We had a large celebrations for my parents on May 28th— Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and their anniversary cookout. I’ll be giving dad and grandpa a call and talking with them this Father’s Day.”Kim from Array Creative and her Family

Tara: “My Dad lives down in Felton, DE, so I’ll be celebrating Father’s Day with him in spirit!”
Tara from Array Creative, her dad, and her younger siblings

Viki: “My family lives in Florida so I will probably end up just giving my dad a call and hanging out with my grandparents for the day to celebrate.”
Viki the Array Creative intern, her dad, and her sister in Key West

What would be your ideal Father’s Day/Father’s Day Gift?

Ian: “CAVS winning the championship.”

Eric: “Most likely a steak on the grill, a cold beverage, and hopefully celebrating a CAVS championship. That would be an awesome Father’s Day gift. #believeland”

Shawn: “A relaxing day in the backyard with the kids…not arguing with each other. Holding a beer, of course. (Me, not the kids)”

What do you plan on getting for your dad, husband, etc.?

Cathy: “For my husband, his gift is fishing themed. I bought a pole for our daughter so they can go together, gummy Swedish Fish (his favorite) and a personalized lure that says ‘Hugs and Fishes’.
I’m still on the hunt for gifts for my dad, my father-in-law and step father-in-law!!”

Ian: “As for a gift for my father, most likely a gadget of some sort since he loves his electronics.”

Dawn: “This Sunday I plan to give hubby free time to enjoy some fancy beer! My dad’s an old-fashioned guy, so I plan to give him a rustic looking bottle opener that mounts to the wall for his decked out garage. That’s his thing!”

Donny: “My dad recently wrote an autobiography and he asked me to design the cover, so that will be my Father’s Day gift to him.”

Tara: “I’m still deciding what to get him (dad), but he’s a huge history buff so I’ll likely get him something in that vein.”

Viki: “My dad is so hard to shop for because he’s really picky. He likes gag gifts a lot though. One year I bought him a captain’s hat that he wears all the time now (pictured above), so I plan on buying him a customized one this year.

Hopefully we were able to help you get some ideas for potential Father’s Day gifts, if not, here’s a link to a cool site where you’ll be sure to find something! 

If you have any other good Father’s Day ideas or want to share your own plans please feel free to comment below and share! We here at Array Creative wish you and your families an amazing Father’s Day!