Extremely “Content”

Month three has come to a close and I’m wondering where this semester has gone?! Being with Array has been awesome. I have become so much more confident in my writing with more attention to detail. When I first started in January, I thought, “will I only write blogs?” But as I continued working for the agency, I started to realize what the writing was doing for me.

Blogging for an agency has connected me closer to the marketing industry. I have to think of stimulating topics that relate back to design or advertising. The creative ideation of topics is a whole new way that I approach writing online.



I always wanted to start a blog. I thought blogs were cool and I wanted to write about my life for people to read… but I never knew where to begin. A month before I started with Array, I created a blog about being successful in college and preparing yourself for the “real world” after graduation. It was the first time I was actually writing something that I had experience in. It wasn’t a journal of my life, but rather tips and experiences from what I’ve been through.


When I first started formulating content, it was difficult for me to find something to write about. Luckily, the Array team was extremely helpful and they gave me topics to look into for inspiration. It was definitely a challenge writing for an agency as just a college kid, but everything I wrote was well received.


The end of March was Spring Break, and I had a GREAT time at home seeing my family BUT it was a little odd not being here at Array because I felt like there was work I needed to get done! Before I left for break, I had a hand in helping writing social media content for one of our clients – which will be so cool for me to see go live!



When chatting with people about their internship experiences, I feel so lucky. Not only do I have an awesome agency filled with awesome people, I’m learning tangible skills and getting a plethora of work samples for my portfolio. I’m so happy I found Array last semester, and I know this last month will be amazing!

Internally Yours,