It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in Array Creative’s office for the first time. Zoe, Tara’s  corgi, was licking my feet and I was struggling to keep a serious face while Ian, Eric, and Cathy asked me interview questions for their summer internship (that I was dying to get). I was so nervous going in that I thought I blew it by the end. Of course, I was shocked when Cathy emailed me later that week asking when I would like to start. Coming into this internship, I knew I had big shoes to fill when it came to the last intern, and a fellow friend, Matt, so I knew I had to bring my A-game and reassure everyone that they wouldn’t regret picking me of all candidates.

During my interview the team stressed that this wasn’t the kind of internship where you answered calls and did coffee runs, and they proved it on my very first day. As soon as I got there I was thrown directly into the conference room to sit in on a conference call meeting with one of their clients. After that, Cathy told me the ins and outs of what they wanted me to focus on as their intern for the summer. I knew my plate would definitely be full, but I was also excited to actually have an important role where I could see that I was actually doing something for their agency.

Fast-forward to today and I cannot believe I’ve already been here for a month. I’ve already done so much, such as controlling the blog posts, captioning pictures to help create a larger presence, making a twitter account (follow us at @array_creative !), and so much more. Of course you can’t have all work and no play, I’ve gotten to tag along to multiple lunches at the Barley House, experience the Akron food truck feast at Lock 3 and got a lot of dog petting in.

Array team members Kim, Viki, and Dawn at the food truck feast at Lock 3 in Akron

I don’t have much interning experience but I can already tell this one is going to be hard to trump. Ian and Cathy always tell me that they need me to help promote Array since they’re so busy promoting their clients, no one has time to promote Array itself, but I can’t help but wonder who is promoting who. I’m promoting Array in a social sense, but Array is promoting me in the actual sense of giving me experience with a real world agency doing real world tasks. Needless to say, if this first month does anything to foreshadow the rest of this summer I cannot wait to see what is in store!

Internally yours,