In the blink of an eye it’s already been a month since my first internal thought blog post, and two since my internship started. Where has the time gone? How could two months go by so fast? I know they say that summer always flies by, but I definitely thought this one would drag on because all I’ve really been doing is working between here and my part-time job. Looking back now though, this summer is flying by faster than any I can remember, and I think it’s really because of how much I’ve been working. Actually, I don’t know if I can even consider this internship as work because I’ve gained so much.

I know you all must be dying to hear about what I’ve been up to since my last internal post so I’ll fill you in. As you know, I started off this internship creating alternative text for all the images on Array’s website when I had down time from making the weekly blog posts. Seriously, there had to have been over 1,000 images! I thought this part of my internship duties would actually continue the rest of my life! But somehow I prevailed. I’m kidding it really wasn’t that bad. (It was paired with a lot of fun stuff)

Now I’m doing so much more than I thought would come with my role. I, of course, am still in charge of making the weekly blog and some of the Twitter and Instagram content, but now I’m helping other members of our team with their own client work as well. I recently helped (or at least tried to help) Kim with planning an open house for one of our clients – Ohio Construction Academy. That was my first time dabbling in event planning, so even though I didn’t get to see it all the way through, it was still an excellent learning experience I can use in the future. I am also now helping Dawn with the social aspect of another client, Disston Tools. I have helped with their blogging as well as their Pinterest projects. It really is cool to see content you’ve helped create be set into motion on other sites.

It hasn’t been all work here, though. In trying to pull together interesting blog subjects, we decided to highlight weird national holidays. Our first was National Junk Food Day, which we featured on our last blog HERE. Needless to say, it was a pretty exciting day in the office. Kim and I have also taken our daily office walks during break as an opportunity to catch Pokemon, while Tara’s dog has taken the opportunity to mark her territory on them.

Tara from Array Creativee's dog Zoe marking her territory on a drowsey on packmen go

While we’re still on the topic of national holidays, today just so happens to be National Milk Chocolate Day!!!!
Here’s some of our team’s favorite chocolatey treats:

Kim when it comes to any chocolate: “Ahem, with my extensive background in the chocolate industry, and my swiss heritage (its in my blood haha), I have strong feelings about cheap chocolate. That said, I’m an equal opportunity chocolate lover.  If I had to pick, I love 67-85% dark chocolate range—I’m digging organic Peruvian dark by Lake Champlain. Dark Chocolates with chili pepper are a close second.”

Kim when it comes to milk chocolate: “Oh Geeze! Throw back Thursdays: Albert’s Chocolate Ice Cubes! My pops would bring these home for us kids. Totally terrible for you, but totally delicious.”

Donny: “My mom is notorious for making trays full of chocolate covered items, from peanuts to Oreos, grapes, strawberries, raisins and anything else you can imagine. My favorite is a classic: the chocolate covered pretzel. Sweet and salty—you can’t go wrong.”

Dawn: “I commend Kim in her chocolate expertise! I, on the other hand, love all chocolates indiscriminately. Chocolate bunnies, Reese Cups, Twix, chocolate cake, truffles!, cupcakes, cake balls (Kim’s are The Best), and basically chocolate-covered-anything. Now I need a snack. Who’s turn was it to fill the chocolate bowl??”

Tara: “My favorite definitely has to be chocolate covered strawberries! It’s two of my favorites things combined into one crazy delicious treat :)”

Ian: “Twix, Twix, Twix! It’s kind of like the opposite of Beetlejuice… if you say the name in the office, they disappear!”

Cathy: “Have you ever tried chocolate covered Fritos?? Amazing. My husband got them for me one Valentine’s Day. They sound so weird but they’re great!”

Shawn: “I like all chocolate, it doesn’t matter. I like large quantities of chocolate, that’s my favorite.”

Viki: “I have to agree with Shawn, I don’t discriminate. If I had to choose a favorite, I’d have to go with Peanut Butter Snickers, but since those aren’t available, I’ll have to settle with the 3 Musketeers that Kim keeps sneaking onto my desk.”

Array Creative celebrating National Milk Chocolate Day with coffee and 3 musketeers

All in all, I can say as of right now, I am content with creating content, and though I’m excited to see what this last month has in store for me, I can only hope the clock slows down a little!

Internally yours,
Viki 🙂

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