In 2020 we’re introducing new ways to connect clients with their target audience, and that often means thinking outside of the box – or creating one! What better way to celebrate a launch than to share your new product with customers directly? Launch kits provide companies with a unique way to place their product directly in front of their target customers.

We’re gaining inspiration from 2020 trends in both graphic design and subscription boxes to share the best ways to bring your product to market. We want to share what makes these kits so successful, and how they create loyal customers. Array is covering all of the bases to ensure your product launch kit is a success.

How They Work

Developing a strong marketing campaign that revolves around the launch of a new product can be exhilarating. The key to making it a success is to incorporate a strategy that creates buzz around the product, and what better way to do that than with the addition of a launch kit?! This visually appealing tactic will set your product apart. As marketers we can no longer rely on traditional advertising alone to grab the attention of an audience to create awareness. We have to place greater emphasis on challenging the norm to connect with consumers.

Launch kits provide an experiential opportunity for customers to try products first hand, breaking the fourth wall.

What to Include?

When designing your kit, it’s important to consider what to include in addition to the product you’re launching. Every kit is different and unique to a company’s products and offerings. According to The Indigo Group these are the essentials:

  1. Include a letter or message from your company
  2. Create a brochure of information on features of the product
  3. The product you’re launching (of course!)
  4. Any additional materials about the product, campaign, or your company

Depending upon the company, product, or service provided these guidelines can change. Each company is different, and so is the box! But don’t worry, Array is here to guide you through the process.

Trends to IncorporateGirl on laptop

As we ease into 2020 we’re seeing an emphasis on bold fonts and bright colors like neons in graphic design and packaging. These whimsical design elements are eye-catching and playful. Product launches are exciting, creating a launch kit that extends your brand while also celebrating a new product is important. Design a box that is true to your company style, cohesive with your campaign, and is appropriate for your product. The promotion of a new product is an essential part to establishing a loyal customer base. There is no right way to make a product launch kit – it’s relative to your company! Let Array guide you through the process, contact us to get started.

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