With the Cavaliers NBA championship victory still fresh and the Indians’ promising year off to a great start, we here at Array thought “what better way to join in on Cleveland’s excitement this summer than spotlighting one of our Cleveland based clients?”

Array Creative client Swopt Products

Swopt Cleveland Cleaning Company™ is a brand created by one of our clients, Winston Products®. Cleveland Cleaning Company passionately develops cleaning tools that combine old-world craftsmanship and innovative design. Hardworking homeowners and skilled professionals can confidently ‘swop’ out their obsolete brooms and mops for the new authority in cleaning.

What differentiates Swopt from its competitors is that it helps eliminate clutter by using one handle with multiple cleaning heads. SWOPT’s secure handle connection never twists loose. Craftsmanship is guaranteed for life. Swopt has a 3-step system:

  1. Choose one of multiple cleaning heads
  2. Choose a wood or metal handle
  3. Snap, lock, and clean!

swopt 3 step system

Winston Products challenged Array with building Swopt from the ground up. Marketing and competitive analysis came first. Next, we moved on to brand positioning,  logo development and packaging design. Merchandising concepts along with sales presentations were then developed for the Winston team. The Swopt brand and packaging guide rounded out the mix.

The project objective was to revolutionize the category and gain placement by retailers. Array’s partnership with Winston Products has allowed Swopt to become the trusted household brand for cleaning products.

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