A true Akron native, Pat has an extensive career as an executive and consultant. His impressive background in management and strategy consulting spans over 15 years, including CRM, finance, accounting, marketing and development experience. Many of his skills have helped take Array to the next level operationally. As well as being an active member of the Akron community, Pat is a husband and father. When not in the office you can find Pat with his wife (Amy) and daughters (Mia and Evie) enjoying any number of activities, like swimming, golfing, biking, skiing or just hanging out with family and friends. These are just a few things the Dalessandro’s love!

What are your favorite smells and why?
Of all the great smells I can think of, I have to say my favorite is the way a wooded trail smells in the fall.

Who knows more about you than anyone else?
It is a three-way tie between my wife and my two daughters, Mia and Evie. It still freaks me out when Evie (4) calls me out on anything. Be careful, little kids can read their parents better than anyone.

What song did you last listen to?
Semi Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind (thanks to throwback Thursdays!)

What is your favorite color?
Brown and Orange – I bleed brown and orange.

Do you cook?
Yep, my wife burns water so I have to.

What is your favorite drink?

What was the last book you purchased?
The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry – An awesome read for those of us marketing communication pros who work with creatives.

Where was your last vacation?
Breckenridge – Work/Vacation

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen?
I broke my hand in college.  It had something to do with beer.

How do you like your eggs?
Over easy with Wally Fries