Flat Cat | Merchandising

FLAT CAT, a Winston Products brand, is a high-performance putter grip that provides superior confidence on the greens for a winning edge over the competition. FLAT CAT grips will improve your control and accuracy, guaranteed.

Array was responsible for the design as well as the coordination of the build for the FLAT CAT merchandising unit. The objective was to create a highly-visible merchandiser that would attract attention from anywhere within the golf destination at retail.

Each putter grip hangs from a rubber tab and is placed on a peg hook. The easy-to-access pegs allow for effortless shopability, as sizes are aligned vertically. The core of the unit is an oversized replica of the grip itself and is backlit to help catch the eye of the shopper.

A second variation of the merchandiser was created to accommodate a two-way shop. Original FLAT CAT putter grips are hung on side one and the new Heavyweight putter grips that feature a weighted cone are on side two. A fifth grip size (svelte) was also added.

🏆 GDUSA | Addy Award Winner

FlatCat Golf Product Display

“Our package designs developed by Array have not only won several design awards, but, more importantly, have had a measurable impact on the rate of sales of our products.”

Douglas E. Whitner, Executive Vice President—Winston Products, LLC