Wooster | Packaging

Wooster is an industry leader in paint application products. With heritage dating back to the 1850’s, the Wooster Brush brand represents quality, durability, innovation and value. Wooster recently approached Array to develop a new look for their retail packaging — the opportunity to work with such a strong brand was an exciting endeavor.

Array first assisted in an in-store shop test to help uncover consumer preference. Armed with the results, Array recommended a reorganization of the set to include an exclusive Wooster bay of products, which included a new package design playing up the prominence of the brand color, flooding a large amount of billboard space with Wooster red. Array also implemented an updated color-code system and developed an American-made seal to further reinforce the 165 year heritage.

The project was met with a highly positive response from the Lowes buyer, and Array is currently working through finalizing other category innovations, such as a gravity-fed single roller dispenser and dipped paint handles to further reinforce the Wooster red brand color.

Wooster Product Images

Array uses a systematic approach to creativity, which, in my opinion, is very rare in this space.

Ben Maibach, President - The Wooster Brush Company