Flat Cat | Web Design

Flat Cat, a Winston Products brand, is a high-performance putter grip that provides superior confidence on the greens for a winning edge over the competition. Flat Cat grips will improve your control and accuracy, guaranteed.

Primarily created to sell product, as Flat Cat had not yet gained placement in brick and mortar retail locations, the site features Hank Haney — the golf instructor who trained tiger woods — as endorsee to gain major credibility for the new grip brand. Array developed an ideal layout that is informative, educational, eye-catching and sales-driven.

In collaboration with the Flat Cat team, Array also generates a number of promotions to be pushed through social media and eblast campaigns to gain interest and entice purchase. How-to-videos showcase the right way to choose a grip or offer pro-tips (like a Q&A with Hank aptly named ‘Help Me Hank’) to improve your game.


FlatCat Golf Website Demo

Our package designs developed by Array have not only won several design awards, but, more importantly, have had a measurable impact on the rate of sales of our products.

Douglas E. Whitner, Executive Vice President—Winston Products, LLC