Canadian Tire | Merchandising

Candian Tire Corporation, one of the most recognized retailers in Canada, provides a collection of consumer products from automotive to housewares. Canadian Tire contracted Array to redesign their merchandising strategy for Reflex, their premium line of windshield wiper blades. Array aimed to enhance Reflex, improving the overall consumer in-store experience.  

Thorough research and analysis went into all aspects of merchandising design for this project. Array conducted focus groups — consisting of both DIY and DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) shoppers — aimed at identifying insights about consumer responses to packaging, product offering, and ideal shopping experience. Armed with color-coded packaging to differentiate between the Reflex blade products, Array created a strategy to guide consumers through the purchasing process. The strategy relied on the concept that consumers evaluate price points, categorizing blades as good, better, or best. Seasonality also plays a key role in identifying the right blade for their vehicle. 

Array created a planogram to assist customers with purchasing Reflex blades, simplifying the purchasing process and eliminating confusing industry jargon. By developing easy to comprehend signage and a modernized layout, Array provided franchisees with a customer-focused solution. 

Canadian Tire | Store Display